Kaanga Waru (Maize and Kumara Steamed Pudding)

Seriously… one of my FAVOURITE foods evah. EVAH. Brings back happy memories of stealing corn leaves with my Dad 😀

So, courtesy of Aunty Heni Tibble – here we have the recipe:

kaanga waru

200gm butter
3/4 cup of milk
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
3 small kumara, grated (You can try changing this for yams or sweet potato, not sure how well it will work though)
2 cups of cornmeal

Mix the dry, Mix the wet, add them together, bag it in cheesecloth and steam for 1.5 – 2 hours.

I’m warning you, it’s HIGHLY addictive.

*If you don’t have a cheesecloth steam-bag, my dad and I used to use the cornleaves, just overlap a couple of them, then fold the leaves over them to enclose and fold the edges in then tie with string or with a strip of another cornleaf. Works a treat (I’ll grab some cornleaves and post pics of this process at some point)

*The eggs and flour aren’t STRICTLY necessary – if you want to go for a gluten free version just exclude them. They do make for a lovely texture though.

*Also, if you want to use less sugar, do so – the kumara really provides a lot of sweetness already. Some of my aunts use as little as a couple of spoons of sugar, and Mum uses none at all.



7 thoughts on “Kaanga Waru (Maize and Kumara Steamed Pudding)

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  2. Been a long time since I have eaten Kanga Waru so guess what? Yep as soon as I get to buy some cornmeal I’m going to make this recipe…..Thanks Aunty Heni for the recipe.


  3. I’ve always wanted this recipe. My nanny would say ‘watch and learn’ when I was young, but I didn’t!. Going back to East Coast was all about the Maori cooking especially ‘Kangawaru’ as this recipe reminds me of Ruatoria. Nanny Daisy made a beautiful Steam Pudding as well. Nanny is from Ruatoria and I know the Tibbles farm was not far.
    Kia ora for the recipe.


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