The Deets On Me

My name is Tina.

I deliver a degree in environmental sustainability, resource management, governance and leadership.

I conduct research into Māori women’s health, and promote indigenous models of wellbeing.

I paint, I carve, I sculpt, I perform the odd air guitar when no-one’s looking.

And as of 2014 – I don’t buy plastic.

You can also find me at


16 thoughts on “The Deets On Me

    • Kia Ora Christine, and thanks! Yes I’ve been relying on Matthew and Waveney’s website quite a bit – very informative and helpful!

      Thanks also for the link to your page – at the outset I can definitely say that I am LOVING the connections that I’m making with others such as yourself 🙂

      Nga mihi



  1. Tena ra koe Tina, I’ve been following your blog for a few months, and I’m inspired. The plastic-free movement is awesome but it comes with some inevitable challenges – like, for example, toilet paper. My local supermarket has individually paper-wrapped NZ made loo paper…great! But it’s second rate toilet paper targeted at holiday makers. I really don’t need all the extra paper wrapping either. I flicked you a random question on one of your fb posts, and this is a follow up to that. Have you found a source of reasonable-quality NZ-made, plastic-free loo paper in your travels? Or are we talking drip-dry? Serious question, and urgent. I’m down to my last pre-July roll. Aku mihi nui ki a koe e whakapau kaha ana ki te tiaki i a Papatuanuku ratou ko ana uri. M


    • Tēnā hoki koe e Maraea 🙂 Sorry I missed your comment on my FB page but glad you reached out on here 🙂 I’m not sure where you’re located but if there’s a wholesaler nearby like Gilmours or OrderMax you can get cartons of toilet roll for quite cheap. Usually they’re one or two ply but you may find them up to 4ply if you have a look around. Hope that’s helpful! Mauri Ora 🙂


  2. Kia ora, in my own toilet I squeeze an h2o water bottle to wash and dry with my own small towel I hang in a wooden box under the cistern. Picked idea up from hare krsna mates years ago. Cleaner and cheaper than paper, but doesnt have to be used exclusively. U may find alternative to plastic squeezy bottle tho. Nga mihi.

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  4. Nga mihi. Stuck in my PhD writing and I am given this blog, read it and realise with tears…Im not stuck, its just the ugly thick tar of colonising academic shit that permeates my psyche…better after reading this. Just thank you. Paora

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